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Practical information and perception on UK education for abroad studying students

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Study In United Kingdom

As a nation that excels at many different types of education, the United Kingdom is a global leader in many different fields. The UK’s international reputation and history as a scientific research hub attract some of the world’s most brilliant minds. This program is initiated by Caston Consultancies, which will provide end-to-end support to the students who are interested in studying in the UK
The education system in the United Kingdom is world-renowned, and the degrees you get as a result may have a significant impact on your future. International students attend a wide range of programs at this university each year, from English language classes to PhDs.

Select Your Career Field

A business degree focuses on the organization’s strategy, management, and operations

Science can do amazing things, including expanding our knowledge of the world and helping humans flourish in it

Engineers are responsible for virtually everything we use, consume, and participate in every day

Social studies seek to prepare students for informed citizenship in a democratic society

Medicine is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness, as well as medical research


Law is a challenging study area, but it is well worth attending for the advantages it provides later in life

Fashion design encompasses the design, manufacturing, and marketing of clothes in a variety of industries

The importance of journalism in the 21st century is changing, and a journalism degree is a prestigious subject to pursue

Why Study In UK?

An education from the United Kingdom offers opportunities for students all around the globe. Studying in the UK will bring everything you need to succeed there, from their internationally renowned institutions to their cutting-edge teaching methods and the world-class faculty that are delivered. Some of the greatest brains in history have chosen to live or work in the United Kingdom. One out of every four global leaders went to school in the United Kingdom, so if you’re hoping to make it big, the United Kingdom is the place to be.

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Best Universities in UK

Caston Consultancies have taken up the initiative to collaborate with the best Universities in the UK. These UK institutions have been statistically evaluated based on their overall rankings in the Best Global Universities. Institutions were assessed based on their research performance and their evaluations by members of the academic community across the globe.

  • Business
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Social Studies
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Fashion Design
  • Journalism

Universities For Business

and many more....

Universities For Science

and many more....

Universities For Engineering

and many more....

Universities For Social Studies

and many more....

Universities For Medicine

and many more....

Universities For Law

and many more....

Universities For Fashion Design

and many more....

Universities For Journalism

and many more....

Along with that, we are proud that we have taken a stance and partnered up with the best 110 UK Universities, with the sole goal of providing the best education for the students.


We suggest that you begin working on your application 90 days before your planned date of arrival in the UK.

IELTS is an English language exam that is needed to be taken by foreign applicants contemplating studying or working in a country where English is the primary language of communication.

The IELTS exam is designed to evaluate your English language competence for educational, immigration, and professional reasons. If English is not your first language, you will most likely need to submit your IELTS test score as part of your application to pursue an English-taught study course overseas.

Your paperwork is decided by your particular situation and the visa category you are seeking for. In some situations certified copies are acceptable.

UK visas may take anywhere from 10 days to three months to be issued once you have filed your application with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). Here are the timings for some of the most popular visas:

  • Spouse visa: Two to three months
  • Ancestry visa: Two to four weeks

UKVI provides a fast-track option that guarantees your application will be completed between five days to three weeks, excluding mailing time.

If you need your passport or papers that you submitted for your visa, then you may want to consider utilizing the priority option to have them returned to you as quickly as possible.


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    I am extremely pleased and satisfied to be accepted in the top institutions of the UK. My heartfelt thanks to Caston Consultancies LLP for providing me with such a chance to develop my future of becoming a fashion designer

    Rajiv kumar

    I strongly suggest Caston Consultancies LLP for giving the finest service and also they helped me in the career counseling to clear all the concerns and to gain admission to one of the top institutions in the UK

    Riya Agarwal

    Earlier I attempted trying reading globally, but couldn't succeed in it. Then I stumbled upon Caston Consultancies LLP. They enabled me to build my career to study MBBS and now I am a successful doctor in the UK

    Neha Sharma

    I am a specialized lawyer and have finished my studies in Law at one of the top universities in the UK. Caston Consultancies LLP has truly helped me a lot towards this. Their counseling admittance procedures are excellent


    Caston Consultancies carefully walked me through everything and offered me options that would be helpful to me. All the major work beginning from application to preparing the papers for a visa all work was done, needless to add that there were no strings attached

    Shruti Rao

    I would like to thank Caston Consultancies, for helping me obtain my student visa. They assisted me in choosing the appropriate institution and subject and were there for me through the whole process and were knowledgeable of everything

    Mahendra Pandey

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